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What's The Best Fish For Fish Tacos?

fish tacos

Fish tacos are a relatively simple, inexpensive meal to make – just about any type of fish will work (though some types are more recommended than others). But deciding which type you should use depends on the sort of tacos you want: grilled? Fried? Steamed? Which types work best for each cooking style?

Living in Florida, the options for fish meat are quite extensive. No matter which kind you choose, frozen fish is recommended because it was likely frozen right after being caught on the boat. That means it’s almost certain it will be fresher than grocery store fish that has been thawed.

Follow this advice from Tequila Sunrise Grill for the best homemade fish tacos ever.

White-Fleshed Saltwater Fish

There are so many types of fish in this category. From mahi mahi, to flounder, halibut, snapper, or cod, these fillets can be a bit pricey – but the flavor they offer is worth it. You can keep the toppings simple by adding guacamole or shredded cabbage.


Salmon isn’t exactly a Mexican staple, but it can still work within a taco. A stronger flavor than other types of fish, you can use spicy rubs or grill it to really make it great.

Freshwater Fish

This is the most common types of fish you’ll find at food trucks that serve fish tacos, usually tilapia, but sometimes catfish. This option is the most sustainable of fish meats, but they’re not the most flavorful. This is where you’ll have to get creative with toppings: consider a strong salsa!

Other Ways to Make Fish Tacos

Once you’ve chosen the type of fish, next you’ll have to decide how it should be cooked. We have some advice on that too:

Fried Fish Tacos

Fried fish is best for cod or tilapia. The fish should be firm enough to withstand the fryer, but mild enough so it doesn’t take away from the spices and sauces that you’ll add to the tortilla. Fatty types of fish like salmon or tuna will be too oily to fry well, but haddock, bass, and catfish can also work.

Grilled Fish Tacos

If you’re looking for a healthier way of cooking, grilling your fish is another great alternative. There’s nothing quite like the smoky grilled flavor, no matter how much seasoning or marinade you use. For this cooking method, you’ll need a type of fish that will hold up to the heat of the grill. Once again, tilapia and cod are great options. Other choices include swordfish, salmon, and tuna. Halibut works if you want something that is close to steak in terms of texture.

Fish Tacos and More In South Florida

Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, known for mahi mahi fish tacos, is one of Fort Lauderdale’s hottest spots for margaritas and Mexican cuisine. While we’ve offered tips for making your own fish tacos at home, we stand by our recipes as some of the best you’ll ever have. Just ask our regulars!

Happy hour is every day, from 3 to 7pm. If you love fish tacos, be sure to stop in on Wednesdays for the Fish Taco Dinner for only $7.99. And speaking of fish (sort of), fishbowl margaritas are a staple of our happy hour that are great to share with friends. For our vegan guests, we offer plant-based wraps, enchiladas, burgers, and more.

Have questions about our menu, need to make a reservation, or need a caterer for your special event? Call us today at (954) 938 - 4473. We can’t wait to serve you!

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