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What Makes The Best Tacos?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


We know it’s a dangerous game to state what makes the best tacos — but we can definitely confirm what makes tacos good. After all, the best taco is going to be the one that’s delivered with joy to your table! From Tex Mex to traditional, there’s a taco that’s perfect for everyone, made with care and decades of taco experience.

Tacos Through Time

Tacos have a long history behind them: starting out as a dish in Mexico centuries ago, coining a name in silver mines in the 18th century and working their way through street food, fast food, and taking all sorts of culinary inspirations along the way. You’ll hear about traditional soft corn tortillas and the more Tex Mex styled hard shell tortillas, but the preparation and the cultural history of tacos play an extremely important role in what makes tacos good today.

Traditional Mexican food is made from recipes that have been passed down for centuries, using native ingredients and farming methods that create delicacies that are undoubtedly culturally rich. The preservation of these customs and techniques is paramount, but tacos have been on a journey around the world over the last few decades! Inspired by both Mexican and Lebanese cuisine, both Arab Tacos and Tacos Al Pastor have become staples around the world.

To make traditional soft-shell tacos, dried corn kernels are cooked until soft and then left for a day before being skinned. After that, the corn is ground by hand with stone mortars and pestles to form masa, which is shaped and cooked as needed. In the age of automation, hand-grinding corn is rare, but hand-made corn flour remains an essential element of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Ingredients Are King

The saying is definitely true, the whole is only as good as its parts. When we talk about what make the best tacos, we need to start with the best ingredients. The best ingredients are well prepared, served in the right ratio, and, most importantly, they’re as fresh as can be.

The sweetness of tomatoes and the right tortilla texture require perfectly fresh ingredients, something you’ll always find at the Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill. For those looking for the authentic Mexican taco, filled with simple ingredients like chicken, lettuce, and cheese, the traditional flavors are given space to shine through. Epazote and coriander are the flavor stars of a traditional taco, making every bite better than the last. In the Tex Mex style, cumin and dried oregano carry the overall taste, with both soft- and hard-shell tacos, ground beef, sour cream, and refried beans adding a unique flavor.

Nowadays, you’ll find far more than just the traditional taco! Like Lebanese-inspired tacos, we offer Florida-inspired taco options, using fresh fish and shrimp for something perfect for summer days. And there’s nothing better to pair with fresh seafood than a perfect margarita.

Taco Tuesday At Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill

So, what’s your best taco? From the simple and traditional flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine to the inspired and unique flavors from around the world, a good taco is a wonderful experience. We pride ourselves on our menu options, with both traditional and modern options available, and the care we put into every meal. With over 75 different tequilas on hand, you’ll find the best plate of food and the perfect drink to go with it.

Join us this Taco Tuesday for an all you can eat taco special for only $8.99 and enjoy a freshly squeezed margarita for $2.99 from 3pm to 7pm during happy hour!

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