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The Best Takeout Mexican Food In Fort Lauderdale

There are so many benefits to ordering takeout. First, you get to enjoy a professionally cooked meal in the comfort of your own home or the location of your choosing. Then, you don’t have to worry about clean up because you can throw away the to-go containers. Finally, you can take a nap knowing that you got the best takeout Mexican food in town.

Order Online Today!

We have 19 different categories for you to choose from on our online menu. They’re all easily organized for your convenience. The pickiest eater in your group will figure out what they want to eat in seconds because our menu is so structured and detailed. Regardless of what you order, you’ll know exactly what your meal includes.

The die-hard Mexican food lover should start by looking at our “House Specialties” section of the menu. That’s where you’ll find all of the traditional meals that go beyond the standard burrito. You’ll have options like chilaquiles, flautas, and chili Relleno. These entrees will show you why our takeout Mexican food is number one.

Most people order from the restaurant to enjoy the classics, and we have a ton to choose from. Click on our “Nachos,” “Chimichangas,” “Enchiladas & Burritos,” “Tacos,” and “Sizzling Fajitas” sections to see the massive variety of classic options you can choose from. If you’re looking for them, our quesadillas are under the “Appetizers” section.

We can’t relate, but there are people out there who don’t like Mexican food. They can head to the “For The Gringo” portion of our menu. They can choose from a classic chicken sandwich, a burger, or a few other items. They’ll probably choose the chicken sandwich because no one can turn down a pretzel bun.

Our Customers Favorite Menu Items

You can’t go wrong with any of our menu items. We stacked all of the options with homemade sauces, traditional cuisine, and twists on the classics to give you the best takeout Mexican food in Fort Lauderdale. You can browse the menu at your leisure, but here are a few of our regular customer’s favorite menu items.

To start, almost everyone orders guacamole, queso, salsa, or a combination of the three. Go big or go home, right? You can also start your meal off with a bowl of soup or our homemade chili. Everyone loves to share the nacho platter too. If you don’t get at least one appetizer, you’ll regret it later.

Our Sonora Burrito, which we fill with traditional burrito fillings, grilled chicken, and sour cream and lime sauce, is ordered every day. It scratches the itch of when you want a classic and cheesy burrito. You will never regret ordering this item. The same goes for our Two Traditional Tacos entrée. Sometimes, you don’t need a meal to be fancy or innovative for it to be delicious.

Still, if over the top is what you’re looking for, we have you covered. The Steak Burrito Supremo is a delicious concoction of marinated skirt steak and other typical burrito toppings and fillings. What makes this burrito stand out from the rest is the Mexican chili gravy that it comes smothered in. This gravy is a favorite amongst our regular customers, and we’re positive you’ll love it if you try it.

Takeout Mexican Food In South Florida

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get an appetizer, entrée, side, dessert, and a drink all to-go from the best takeout Mexican food place in town. You can even get our famous Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill Margarita Mix to-go! Call us at 954-938-4473 or order online, and your meal will be ready for you to enjoy as soon as possible.

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