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Looking For The Best Margaritas?

best margaritas

There’s always a great time to order a margarita. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, relaxing after a stunning summer day, or indulging in traditional Mexican cuisine - a margarita is a perfect drink. However, not all margaritas are created equal. At Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, we’re familiar with the fine balance of ingredients and methods that make the best margaritas.

Imagine sitting back in a comfortable chair and sipping on a freshly squeezed margarita, full of flavor. The tingle of lime, the sweetness of sugar, and the smooth flavor of tequila are just a few of the factors that contribute to the festive drink.

So, what makes the best margarita?

Getting The Basics Right

If a venue offers a cocktail menu, then you’ll most likely find margarita on the list of options. Normally, a margarita is a safe bet as the flavors of the drink and strength of the alcohol are well known. However, they can also be the most disappointing cocktail when they aren’t made well.

Using quality ingredients is one of the most important steps in making a great margarita.

Consider the following, which are considered to be the basic ingredients of a margarita:

Quality tequila that is perfectly aged and distilled

● The perfect ratio of fresh lime juice to add a delicate zing

Quality triple sec with a bitter edge

● The right amount of ice to add a refreshing touch without diluting the drink

Not only do the ingredients need to be top quality, but they need to be blended and mixed to precision.

Picking The Best Flavors

While many people consider the classic margarita to be an unbeatable drink, others prefer flavored cocktails. With this in mind, one person’s idea of the best margarita may differ from that of another.

Not only is it possible to add actual flavorings, such as watermelon, to the mix, but using different tequila can also inspire different flavors.

Another factor to consider is how the margarita is served. Drinking a delicious margarita from a glass offers a cozy experience, while a giant fishbowl or pitcher is the ultimate serving for a group of revelers or family celebrating a special occasion. For an extra-refreshing touch, frozen margaritas are a fantastic option.

Feeling adventurous and want something different from the typical lime flavored marg? Tequila Sunrise has a flavor for everyone! From banana, prickly pear, black raspberry, coconut, and beyond; by mixing up the flavors and serving method of the margarita, it can be enjoyed exactly how you like it!

Pairing The Perfect Foods

At Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, we’re proud to offer a selection of delicious meals that beautifully complement the esteemed cocktail. Not only are we Fort Lauderdale’s favorite tequila bar, but we also serve up some of the best Mexican meals - and they pair perfectly with margaritas.

Perhaps the best meal to accompany the margarita is the taco. The taco and margarita combo is unbeatable, whether you prefer shrimp tacos, chicken tacos, steak tacos, or vegan tacos! Yep! We've got them all.

Both flavors have a history connected with Mexican culture, offering a fully immersive and cultural experience. Whether you’re a Mexican local finding comfort in the nostalgia of your Abuela’s flavors, or you’re a foreigner appreciating the taste of your neighbors - you’re in for a treat.

We Look Forward to Welcoming You

It’s easy to describe the best margarita, but if you want to taste the best margarita in Fort Lauderdale, then head on down to Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill. We boast an impressive menu of meals and drinks, as well as unbeatable daily specials.

In particular, we offer our Thirsty Thursday deal where a small $3.99 will get you a house fishbowl margarita. Visit us in Oakland Park every day of the week, and order from our wide selection of incredible margaritas. You can also follow Tequila Sunrise Grill on Instagram and stay up to date with some tempting pictures from our kitchen and bar!

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