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Did Someone Say "Mexican Brunch"?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Mexican brunch

Everyone knows that Sunday is brunch day, but finding a fantastic brunch place can be challenging, especially in an area as popular as Fort Lauderdale. Tables get filled quickly, restaurants run out of mimosas, and it’s all over by noon. Well, none of that is true for our Mexican brunch!

Here at Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, we serve brunch every single Sunday. We ensure that we’re open for brunch all day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. That way, you don’t have to miss out on Sunday brunch just because you went out Saturday night.

Our Sunday Booze Bar

Our brunch isn’t bottomless, but that’s because we want to provide you with the best drinks possible. And trust us, you’ll appreciate the extra effort once you see our drink options. We have all of the classics, but you’ll also have the chance to spice things up.

Brunch Classics

First, let’s go over our classics. We have the Bloody Mary and a Tequila Mimosa, both for $2.99. We also serve Screwdrivers, Brunch Sangria, and a Tequila Sunrise Drink, which are also $2.99. If you’re here to have a good time and not break the bank, we’ve got you covered!

Other Boozy Options

When you’re looking to have a unique Mexican brunch experience, you should try some of our other drinks. We serve two other types of mimosas, the Strawberry Mimosa and the Tequila Primo Mimosa, which are both $5.99 and absolutely delicious. We also have the Queen Mary for $6.99, which is sweet, delicious, and it will go with any meal.

Finally, we also have a few coffee options available. You can get an American Coffee for $1.75, an Irish Coffee for $7, or a Mexican Coffee for $7. If we had to choose, our favorite drink would be between the Mexican Coffee or the Strawberry Mimosa, but you should try them all and decide for yourself.

Brunch Food Favorites

It’s not brunch without a giant meal to help cure your hangover from the night before. Our food is filling, delicious, and almost guaranteed to make your headache disappear. Our prices range from $10 to $20, and there are many different options, so there is something for everyone.

Brunch Classics

Our Traditional Huevos Rancheros is a crowd favorite. If it’s your first time here for Mexican brunch, and you don’t know what to get, this is your best bet. We also have Poblano Huevos Rancheros if you want to change things up and try something new.

We also have brunch classics for the less adventurous customer. Don’t worry; we’re not judging you! We want you to have a great experience. So, we have a Brunch Wrap and the Chipotle Steak & Egg Sandwich. You know exactly what you’re getting, so you know you’ll be happy with your meal.

Finally, we have the three most enticing items on our brunch menu. Tequila Quiles, Breakfast Chorizo & Egg Chimichanga, and Carne Asada & Huevos. All different, all mouth-watering, and all of them are the perfect brunch item.

Mexican Brunch in Fort Lauderdale

Now that you know the Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill is open for brunch, it’s time to text your friends and family. They have no excuse to miss brunch because it is available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every single Sunday that we are open.

We’re ready to prove that everyone loves Mexican brunch, whether they know it or not. We hope to see you this Sunday with a smile and an empty stomach! If you’re not available Sundays, we have daily specials and a fantastic happy hour. You can check out our complete menu here. We can’t wait to see you!

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