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The Best Taco Tuesdays In Fort Lauderdale

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

taco Tuesdays

Tuesdays are for tacos and margaritas, and there’s no better way to celebrate Taco Tuesdays than with all you can eat ground beef, chicken, or bean tacos for only $8.99! Yes, you read that right. All you can eat beef, chicken, and bean tacos on a soft of crunchy shell for $8.99 and the cost of your favorite drink. We could tell you more about the best Mexican restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, but you’re here for the tacos so let’s jump right in.

We have a ton of options for you to choose from when you’re looking for a great taco on Taco Tuesdays, not just ground beef, chicken, or bean. If you’re looking for something more than the typical taco, we have that too at regular pricing on every other day of the week.

Read on to learn more about all our delicioso taco options!

First up, of course, we have to start with the traditional taco. You can pick any meat of your choosing and have it served to you on crunchy corn, soft corn, or soft flour tortillas. This is the classic taco that everyone knows and loves.

Next up, you can get a bit wild with our specialty California style Mahi fish tacos. If you’re in Florida, chances are you love taking advantage of eating fresh fish, and there is no better way to enjoy it than in a taco! The same goes for our Shrimp Vera Cruz tacos. They taste like they were caught right before you ordered them. When you want a fishy Florida experience, these are the taco choices for you. If you love fish tacos as much as we do, stop in on Wednesdays, when we offer two fish tacos with rice and beans for $6.99!

Then we have the ultimate, Steak Tacos Supremo. Our juicy steak is cut up to the perfect taco bite-size and then paired with our chipotle sour cream. These tacos are the cream of the crop and a customer favorite. Our special sour cream will make these your new favorite taco.

Finally, if you’re looking for an authentic Mexican style taco, our Street Tacos al Carbon is for you! These are authentic street tacos that our customers keep coming back for. You have a choice between chicken or steak, and it will be served on three soft corn tortillas. We also have Vegan Tacos al Carbon, which is filled with a veggie blend that is charred on the grill for flare and flavor.

The only thing that could make it better is pairing them with one of our drink specials.

To get all you can eat tacos on Taco Tuesdays, you need to purchase a drink. Lucky for you, we have a large selection and fantastic drink specials. Every day, including Tuesdays, from 3 pm to 7 pm, we have our happy hour in Fort Lauderdale.

Happy hour includes $2.99 regular size classic margaritas, but if you’re feeling wild, you can upgrade to a fishbowl for only $7.99. While many people love the classic margarita, flavored margaritas for $4.99 is a fan favorite. Our flavors include prickly pear, watermelon, raspberry, Tijuana blue, and Amaretto orange. Don’t be afraid to upgrade the flavored margaritas to a fishbowl or even a pitcher!

If margaritas aren’t your taste, you won’t feel left out. Draft beers, wine, and draft IPA’s are also on our happy hour list. The wines are cabernet, merlot, pinot grigio, chardonnay, and our favorite sangria. The draft beers include XX-Ambar, XX-Lager, Corona Premier, and Miller Light, and we also offer Wynwood Brewing Company Laces IPA.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to go all out on Taco Tuesday, you’ll want to check out our specialty margaritas. We make them with premium tequila, and they’re the best way to order your favorite brand of tequila. All of our margaritas can be sold by the glass, fishbowl, or pitcher.

Let our Taco Tuesdays get you through the beginning of the week. Monday’s will be easier when you have something to look forward to. All you can eat tacos is the best incentive we can think of! If you’re craving tacos Wednesday through Monday, you can order online. Trust us when we say, you don’t want to miss out on Taco Tuesdays at Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, our specials are muy caliente!

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