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A Mexican Food Guide To Chili Peppers

Mexican food

Mexican food is known for its spice and flavor. Much of this is thanks to the use of chili peppers. Chili peppers come in a number of different varieties and are used both fresh and dried. Chili peppers offer a lot of flavors and heat. But what makes Mexican food so special is that it manages to find the perfect balance between the two. From tacos and fajitas to enchiladas, they all involve using different types of chili peppers.

At Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, we love to make Mexican food as much as you love to eat it. And we love to explore the different flavor and heat combinations that chili peppers bring.

Different Kinds Of Chili Peppers

At Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill, we absolutely love to cook with a variety of chili peppers that pack a punch of heat and flavor. So to help you understand the different varieties of chili peppers and when to use what, we’ve put together a Mexican Food Guide to Chili Peppers.

Anaheim Chili Peppers

The Anaheim chili pepper is mild and medium-sized. This is a versatile pepper that can be used for cooking when it is green, red, or dried. These are a popular choice for cooking chili’s or used to add mild heat to a Mexican food dish.

Pasilla Dried Chili Pepper

The Pasilla chili pepper is the dried form of the chilaca pepper. This is a popular dried chili pepper most commonly used to make enchilada sauce and mole sauces. This chili pepper can also be ground and used as a condiment or table sauce with nacho chips. They offer incredible flavor and are very versatile.

Habanero Chili Pepper

The Habanero pepper is a hot pepper that comes in many varieties. They offer a fruity flavor with a floral aroma and provide a terrific amount of heat. They work perfectly in hot sauces and can even be mixed with tequila to create a spicy cocktail!

Jalapeno Chili Pepper

The Jalapeno pepper is one of America’s favorites. It is a bright green pepper that can be used in almost anything! Many natives from Mexico even eat the Jalapeno as a snack. They provide a mild heat and are most commonly served roasted. One of the most well-known Jalapeno Mexican food dishes is the chili popper. This is a deep-fried jalapeno mixed with melted cheese and is delicious!

Serrano Chili Pepper

The serrano pepper originated from the mountain areas of Mexico. They are fairly spicy and are most commonly used in salsas, relishes, and sauces. To get the most flavor out of them, they can be roasted and blended. Salsas are a staple in Mexican food and are traditionally served with tortilla chips as a light snack or starter.

Ancho Chili Pepper

The Ancho chili pepper is the dried form of the Pablano pepper. To use this dried pepper before cooking, it is best to rehydrate them. You can do this by soaking the ancho peppers in hot water for around 30 minutes until they are soft. Once rehydrated, these peppers are great to use to make thick sauces. This pepper adds a great amount of flavor, heat, and color to any sauce.

Chipotle Chili Pepper

Chipotle peppers are the smoked and dried form of jalapeno peppers. When jalapeno peppers age they eventually start to turn red and ripen. These red jalapeno peppers are then picked and smoked with soaked wood for days until dried completely to make chipotle peppers. The chipotle pepper then offers more heat and tons of flavor. This can be added to mincemeat to make delicious tacos or burritos.

Enjoy Your Mexican Food Favorites At Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill

If you’re looking to tickle your taste buds with Mexican food that is packed with flavor and spice, then Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill is the spot for you! We are one of the most popular Mexican food spots in Fort Lauderdale. From Taco Tuesdays to Fish Fiesta Wednesdays, we’ve always got something special for everyone! Make your reservation with us today for some tasty Mexican food and drinks.

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